I joined the SCA in 1997 after attending a demo at a street fair in York, PA. My first event was Feast of the Stag in the Shire of Montvale in the Kingdom of the East. The people I met were warmly welcoming, offering help to get me to the event and items like garb and feast gear to make my stay enjoyable.

My second event was Pennsic XXVI, which for those of you who are not familiar, is a huge event lasting about 2 weeks at Cooper's Lake near Slippery Rock, PA. It is a camping event which has grown from 9,000 people when I attended in '97 to about 15,000 people in 2010. I camped with the Black Dragon Company, a group of mercenaries that helped me get my start, and which I later joined and still continue to camp with even after moving away from the area.

I remained active with my local group for quite awhile. (For my part, I served as the local shire's herald from 2000-2001 as well as the web minister until I moved south to Catonsville, MD. At the time it was call Owl's Rest, but it is now called Owl's Herste (A slightly more period reference). Events in the area were much smaller than the ones that I attend now, largely due to the spread out population of the local SCA folks, but the events were always cozy, friendly, and interesting. Event coordinators went out of their way to have something available for every attendee. They typically included armored combat, arts and sciences competitions, classes, bardics, feasts, thrown weapons and dancing; all at the same event.

I've participated in almost everything that the SCA has to offer: Brewing, Pyrography, Pysanky, Cheese-making, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Pewter Casting, Archery, Heavy Fighting, Rapier, Siege Weapons (arbalist), Combat Archery, Cooking, Tentmaking, Heraldry, Throwing Axes, Dancing (I prefer english country), Woodworking, Herb-craft, Embroidery, Performing at Bardics, Glass bead making, and some very poorly made garb (hey, know your weakness)

It was during my time in the East Kingdom that I became interested in the scribal arts. Emily Marano (Mistress Brigid O’Neill the Limner) gave me my first scribal handbook, a calligraphy pen and a small sheet of paper, from then on, I've been painting and penning. Unfortunately, I did not know enough to keep good copies, and I did what many refer to as "Combat Scribing" which means that I produced a scroll the same day it was assigned (sometimes with only a half an hour's notice) which also means that there was no time to get a copy of the finished product. Coupled with a few hard drive crashes and theft of computers, I lost everything that I did scan but I've slowly rebuilt some of what I produced by reaching out to the people who received the scrolls, but so far, that is a very small amount of the total.  It pains me greatly to have lost so much of the work that I have done over the years, so if you are a crafter of any discipline, I highly encourage you to document everything, even the mistakes.

After moving to the Barony of Tir-y-don in Atlantia, I started producing a lot more scrolls for the local barony and to keep from making the same error, I'm now printing out my scans and placing them in a binder. (A recommendation from the Laurel that I am apprenticed to, Mistress Olwynn ni Chinneidigh, along with creating this website) I've included scans of everything that I currently have under the "Portfolio" section and will be adding more as I complete them.

While in Tir-y-don, I hosted weekly scribal workshops at my home on Wednesday nights with a regular attendance of about 5 people. Many of them have progressed wonderfully and show great skill and love of their work. I still have get togethers at my home in Lovettsville, VA for anyone interested in learning or playing. All are welcome to come so if you are interested in seeing what we do and trying it for yourself, contact me for directions and times.  Later this year, we plan to host weekly archery and fighter’s practices in order to support our Barony.

I served as the Atlantian Scrivener Royal for A.S. 48, and there was very little resting on the job. I am very thankful for all of the encouragement that I received from my fellow scribes, and from their Majesties. I can honestly say that my skills were sharpened as a result of the position and I gained an appreciation for the organizational skills that go into producing awards for so many recipients around the Kingdom.

I served as the Baronial webminister for the Barony of Tir-y-don page and converted it to php to make it easier to manage. I am currently the Baronial webminister for the Barony of Highland Foorde webpage, and the principle webminister for the Atlantian Office of the Clerk Signet. You can contact me regarding any problems that you experience with these sites.  This site was built with Joomla, which Atlantia is considering moving to.  If you like the way that this site works, you may soon see something similar with Baronial and Kingdom sites.

I was honored to be included in the Order of the Pearl for my scribal work and several members have encouraged me to teach more.  In my project section, you will find handouts and class notes that I have prepared for classes that I have taught.  I am also including links and class notes from others and giving them proper acknowledgment for your reference.  I am always happy to give guidance to other scribes, both new and experienced, in my home Barony of Highland Foorde, in other Baronies around the Kingdom, and even in the neighboring kingdoms of Aethelmarc and the East.

You can find my schedule of planned event attendance on the right.  I enjoy talking to people and learning new things.