Just finished up two Pelican scrolls that were replacements for the originals damaged in a flood.  You can see photos of them on the Scribal Gallery page.  I am currently working on a backlog Pearl scroll for Mistress Modeyrn Tremayne, a Laurel scroll for Mistress Oda, an achievement of arms display for Mistress Oriana, and several blanks for future use.  

My mundane life is going to be disrupting my ability to attend events very shortly as my work is sending me to Ireland for three months.  I am bringing my materials with me so that I can continue working on my current assignments but I won't have my normal scribal desk setup or all of my tools so this may be a challenge, especially for Oda's for which I am processing a goat hide.  I will be coming to Pennsic however, and hopefully with a lot of new pieces to display.